Aurora G-Station

The zero noise energy efficient departmental HPC system

The Aurora G-Station is a supercomputer in a box. Small and compact, easily deployable with minimal infrastructure and no extensive HPC knowledge.


  • Dramatically accelerate applications
  • No need for air conditioning or controlled environments
  • Avoid fans and noise thanks to hot liquid cooling
  • Save on energy bills thanks to the world champion in energy
  • Replace your workstations hosting up to 160 users in a box
  • Centralize departmental IT resources
  • Reduce space occupancy with the most dense HPC system in the market


  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Industrial
  • Logistics and Networking

The Aurora G-Station is the ultimate divisional HPC system that
solves your problems of dealing with the heaviest computational
workloads in:
• scientific computing
• industrial applications (EDA, CAE, signal processing…)
• computer graphics and rendering
• business applications (computational finance, cyber
security, forensic…)
• software development.

The Aurora G-Station is small and compact, easily deployable with limited infrastructure. Available in different configurations, pre-loaded with the software stack, the G-Station is silent thanks to its liquid cooling, has no messy cabling and can be deployed in an office with no need of a controlled environment. Aurora G-Station is ideal for whoever needs easy high performance everywhere.

The virtualization and remote visualization capabilities allow for virtual machines and excellent graphic rendering, making it possible to replace workstations. The possibility to install
NVIDIA GRID cards gives a boost to process heavy graphic workloads.

Eurotech manufactures the Aurora G-Station HPC systems and deploys, supports and maintains them via a VAR network. With Eurotech, you do more of your core business, with less HPC

Powerful – Aurora G-Station is able to perform at 21 Tflop/s per rack. It has very fast Infiniband QDR interconnects.

Silent – The Aurora G-Station is water cooled, so it produces very little noise.

Modular – From 1 to 8 double socket double GPU blades in a single unit. More units can be connected together.

Scalable and easy – The G-Station doesn’t have complicated and messy cabling and it easily scales joining more modules together.

Compact – Remarkable density, storing 16 powerful Xeon processors and 16 Nvidia Kepler GPUs or Intel Phi in a 65cm (or 95cm with incorporated heat exchanger) rack.

Energy efficient – Aurora G-Station marks a record in energy efficiency with over 3.2 GFlop/s per Watt.

Reliable – No moving parts eliminate vibrations. Direct water cooling avoids hot spots while the soldered memory provides speed and robustness.

Water cooled – All computational nodes (CPUs, coprocessors, memory, board) in the Aurora G-Station are water cooled, without the need of an expensive infrastructure to be deployed. All heat can be taken out of the room just as with a split air conditioner.

Each G-Station mounts 1 Aurora HPC 20-22 chassis with 8 slots. Each chassis provides electrical, network (IB 40 Gbps) and liquid connections and mounts up to 8 Aurora HPC 20-23 blades. Each G-Station is provided with management node, optional Infiniband storage, optional Nvidia grid technology. The G-Station is sold in 2 configurations

  • Standalone, with embedded liquid cooling
  • Split, with computational unit (the server) and external cooling unit

Computing power
Up to 21 Tflop/s per cabinet

Up to 16 Intel Xeon E5

Up to 16 Nvidia Kepler K20, K20x, K40
Up to 16 Intel Phi 5120D

Up to 128 GB RAM per node ECC DDR3 SDRAM 1866 MT/s

40 Gbps QDR Infiniband
Optional: 1+1 3D Torus or 3D mesh BW:up to 240+240Gbps, Latency: ~1us
Gb Ethernet available on request

20 x 40 Gbps QDR Infiniband
2 x 1Gbs Ethernet
2 x USB
1 x standard VGA

Local storage: up to 8 x 4TB GB 2,5” Sata Disk or up to 8 x 512Gb 1,8” microSATA SSD
Infiniband fast storage: up to 75 TB (expandable)

Aurora Direct Hot Liquid Cooling (embedded or external cooling configuration)

Embedded cooling configuration includes: cooling plates, low noise pump, heat exchanger, pipes, distribution bar, low noise fans

External cooling configuration includes:

  • Computational unit: cooling plates, connection pipes, distribution bar
  • External Unit: heat exchanger, pump

Power Consumption
7 Kw per fully loaded (8 blades) rack peak – 3 x 230 V 16A

Standalone configuration. H 90cm x W 65cm x D 80cm (H 27.3” x W 25.3” x D 31.2”)
Split configuration. Server: H 65 cm x W 65cm x D 65 cm (H 25.3” x W 25.3” x D 25.3”). Cooling unit: Weight (fully loaded) 180 kg (396 pounds)

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