We are pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2017, Dynatem, Inc. (“Dynatem”) has completed its merger with Eurotech Inc. (“Eurotech”), the North American operating unit of Eurotech, S.p.A., headquartered at 10260 Old Columbia Rd, Columbia, Maryland, USA. 

Company History

• Located in Mission Viejo, California
• Founded in 1981 as a California corporation
• Started by former Rockwell employees selling/supporting Rockwell board level products based upon RM65 3U standard
• Single board computers based on processors and chipsets found in Intel’s and Freescale’s Embedded Roadmap
• Starting with standard products, we build customer relationships that last many years and result in custom products meeting the exact customer needs of functionality and cost reduction
• Customization includes special hardware interfaces, custom BIOS, software drivers and varying degrees of ruggedization
• Acquired by Eurotech Group in 2011
• Dynatem now leverages Eurotech’s rugged “Internet of Things” products and internal corporate resources to provide a broader embedded product line and capability to its military, aerospace, industrial, transportation, and research customers
• October, 2017 – Dynatem merges with Eurotech Inc., the North American operating unit of the Eurotech Group.

Our Unique Strengths

• Dynatem has design and manufacturing experience allowing maximum processor and system performance across extreme conditions, including -40 C to +85 C operating temperatures
• Regardless of a product’s temperature rating, we purchase industrial components and test each product thoroughly prior to shipping
• Commitment to our customers and long product life-cycle: our supply chain depth and inventory management capability assures OEM’s that Dynatem will continue supplying high quality products for 10-to-20 years. We’re still shipping Intel Pentium based single board computers to military customers today!

Hardware Trends

• VME continues to be in strong demand, so we offer Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Haswell processor support today. In the near future we’re excited to offer Intel’s latest Atom (Bay Trail) SoC, combining 4-cores, low power consumption, and broad peripheral support
• Many of our VME boards use the Universe II VMEbus interface chip. Even if it’s the Tempe chip – we’ll offer production management options and assure coverage for your company

Software Trends

• Our customers mainly want Wind River Linux or VxWorks operating systems. But we’re also experts with Windows, QNX, OS-9, and pSOS!

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