6U VME CPU Board with Freescale™ MPC8572E PowerQUICC™ III

The CPU-71-11 is a high performance 6U VME Board that features the
Freescale dual core MPC8572E processor.


  • Dual core 1.5GHz e500 processor
  • DDR2-667 with ECC support
  • 2 slot PMC/XMC
  • X4 PCIe or sRIO
  • Support for VxWorks, Linux
  • 6U VME with 2eSST


  • Industrial
  • Real Time Control
  • #2C8FCF

  • Networking

Ideal for demanding applications, such as Real Time Control, the CPU-71-11 supports ECC memory, to ensure the highest data protection.

Adding more features to the CPU-71-11 is quick and simple: two PMC/XMC slots with front panel access provide each PCI and x4 PCI express expansion; moreover, one XMC slot supports 4 lanes of serial RapidIO.

Interoperability and fast bus access is ensured by support for VME64, VME64x and 2eSST

e500 Dual Core Processor – The CPU-71-11 supports the MPC8572E dual core processor at 1.5GHz

ECC Memory – The CPU-71-11 comes with DDR-2 and support for Error Code Correction (ECC), which increases reliability and accuracy in data handling

2 Expansion Slots – Two XMC/PMC slots with front panel access provide plenty of expandability

PCIE and sRIO – The XMC/PMC slots both deliver x4 PCI lanes for high speed mezzanines; one XMC slot also supports x4 sRIO

OS Support, including Real Time – The CPU-71-11 supports industry-strength Operating Systems, including VxWorks for Real Time and Linux

• Processor Freescale MPC8572E 1.5GHz
• L1 cache 32kB for Data and 32kB for Instruction
• L2 cache 1MB
• Main Memory DDR2 SDRAM ECC support (1GB or 2GB)
• Boot ROM 64MB Flash memory
• Serial EEPROM 4KB
• MRAM 512KB
• Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T ×2
• Serial Port RS-232C serial port ×1
Onboard I/O
• CF Socket 1slot (type 1)
• RTC Connected to I2C, with Battery backup
• WDT Implemented in CPLD
• PMC 2-slot 32bit 33MHz 3.3V
• XMC 2-slot, x4 PCIe (One is x1 and the another is x4)
• Standard VME64x 2eSST Tsi148
• BUS width A64/A32/A24/A16 MD32/D32/D16/D08(EO)
• DC5V / DC±12V (used in PMC only)
• RoHS Compliant
• 6U size, Single slot width

IPL 2012

IPL 2012

IPL 2012

IPL 2012

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