CPU-71-14 (DPD4)

VMEbus Core™2 Duo SBC

The CPU-71-14 is a two-slot wide modified version of the Dynatem CPU 71-
10 (DPD) with a specially designed mezzanine card that offers Ultra320
SCSI functionality and additional front panel I/O connectivity. The two-slot
configuration will serve as a form/fit/function upgrade to the VMIVME-7751 ,
which is no longer available, with identical P2 pinouts on both slots.


  • VME or VME64 compatible
  • Form/Fit/Function replacement for
  • 1.5 GHz Core™2 Duo Mobile Processor
  • 4 GB DDR-400 DRAM
  • I/O includes VGA, 2 Ethernet ports,
    2 USB ports, SCSI, IDE, and SATA
  • MIL-STD-810F versions


  • Defense
  • Homeland Security
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Transportation

The CPU-71-14 is a 6U VMEbus Single Board Computer based on the Intel®
Core™2 Duo Mobile Processor L7400 that operates at 1.5 GHz. Much of
the I/O is routed up to the mezzanine card through a P0 stacking connector
arrangement and a PMC site on the base board routes a 66 MHz PCI-X interface
up to the mezzanine for accessing an LSI 53C1030 SCSI Controller.
The CPU-71-14 has an LPC47B27X Super I/O device that provides a PS/2
mouse/keyboard interface, an LPT1 parallel printer interface, and a floppy disk
controller. COM1 & COM2 are RS232 ports accessible from the front panel
through two micro-D-sub-miniature (MDSM) connectors similar to those used
on the VMIVME-7751.

VME Compatible – Tundra Universe IID PCI-VMEbus interface
provides VME64 compatibility and backward compatibility with
older VME backplanes.

High Perfomance and Low Power – Dual core processing at
30W typical power consumption enables cool operation, even
in extended temperature environments.

Gigabit Ethernet – Two Gbit Ethernet ports on the front are
accessible via two RJ45 connectors on the front panel.

• Low power 1.5 GHz, Core 2 Duo
• 4 GBytes DDR-400 main memory
• Support for up to 32 GB of on-board CompactFlash
• All P2 pinouts identical to VMI/VME7751 including IDE Interface, FDC, and
SCSI from the mezzanine
• 2xUSB 2.0, 2×10/100/1000BaseTX, 1 PMC/XMC site front bezel, 2nd
Ultra320 SCSI port, 2xRS232 via 2 MDSM DB9 connectors, PS/2 Mouse
• 1x XMC/PMC, x8 PCIe 64-bit XMC or 66 MHz PCI-X PMC, front and JN4- P2 access
• 6U VME
• Typ 30W at 5V only
• 0°/70°C, special versions to -40°/+85° C

IPL 2012

IPL 2012

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