VME Boards

SBC based on VMEbus

Dynatem offers a wide range of CPU, Communication, I/O and other functionalities VME boards for reliable embedded systems to be used in industrial, military and defense applications.

CPU-71-17 VXS / VMEbus CPU Board with 4th Generation Intel® Core™
CPU-71-16 VMEbus SBC with 2nd Generation Intel® Core i7™
CPU-71-14 Powerful and Rugged VMEBus Core™2 Duo SBC
CPU-71-12 Intel® Atom™ processor 6U VME bus CPU Board
CPU-71-11 6U VME CPU Board with Freescale™ MPC8572E PowerQUICC™ III
CPU-71-10 VMEbus Pentium Core2 Duo Single Board Computer

VMEbus I/O

Advme2608A 16-bit resolution A/D converter VME board

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